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Frequently Asked

Visit our FAQ section for comprehensive answers regarding our web scraping services, processes, and how we can assist your business.


Is Web Scraping Legal?

Web scraping is completely legal so long as we strictly adhere to all pertinent laws and ethical practices. We ensure that our activities do not undermine the security of websites, disrupt regular users, or infringe upon any legal regulations. We always maintain utmost respect for user privacy and abide by data protection laws.


What Types of Projects Can You Assist With?

We offer assistance for a wide range of data projects, from the extraction of data to its analysis and visualization. Our professional team offers tailored services for various industries and can manage comprehensive data acquisition processes through our end-to-end solutions.


How Do You Handle Websites That Block Scrapers?

We countermeasure anti-scraping practices on websites using a variety of techniques, including using proxies or IP rotation and incorporating custom scripts in our code. We ensure accurate and efficient data collection despite the level of website protection.


How Is Data Delivered?

We offer flexible data delivery options, which include email, FTP, and cloud-based storage services. We can also directly feed data into your internal databases or CRM systems. The delivery method is selected based on your specific requirements.


What Formats Are The Data Delivered In?

We provide data in various formats such as CSV, JSON, Excel, and XML, while also offering custom formats if needed. The formatting is influenced by your requirements and how best it suits your specific needs.


How Do You Ensure The Quality of The Data?

We utilize various technologies to ensure high-quality data. Alongside constant monitoring, we employ automated quality assurance algorithms for data accuracy and completeness before delivering it. This ensures you receive the most accurate data that adheres to your requirements perfectly.